I am not much of a dieter, as I love food. Having said that I started with a low carb diet years ago and stuck with it for most of a decade. Stopping with it wasn’t a conscious decision but in hindsight not a very good one. Not only did I gain some weight but Continue Reading

I didn’t get to do quite as much work as I intended too, instead I was consumed with Lego building for Sebastian, cooking and catching up with friends. I have to make a better effort tomorrow as I have quite a few things that I want to clear before Monday. Today I attempted a new Continue Reading

Yet another day working from home. It’s becoming a bad habit, but it’s not only for convenience. Schedule is pretty intense at the moment, and loosing 45 min on travel time seems like a waste of space. Then there is the other advantage of walking down with wet hair and no make-up. Saves time too Continue Reading