I hope you had a better one than I did after a particularly rank case of food poisoning. Looking at the whole episode from a philosophical angle (which I’m generally inclined to do) I literally purged the last year. Thus very few pictures exist from what was going to be a dinner at restaurant Chateau St. Gerlach followed by a New Year Party. Nevertheless the short break did me some good and before illness set in, I took a long walk with my son, vising the castle cemetery, talking about family crests, knights and feudal society. We continued into the woods where history turned into more of a geography lesson on sandstone, pine, caves and the occasional bunker.

We came home wet, muddy and tired, but managed to build some lego police vehicles and get Sebastian ready (can’t help but feeling so proud of him as he was such a gallant gentleman in looks and spirit, helping me whilst fighting against my stomach content whilst being dressed up to the nines).

Ah well a New year has finally begun and I can’t say I’m sad to see the last one being relegated to the ash heaps of history.


…got the most amazing view of the Maastricht fireworks from the top of a hospital car park


earlier in the day we went for a long walk in the woods. The obligatory group selfie which we evidently are not very good at looking at the cheesy grins

last pics of the year

Another manor house

lovely scenery

and animals too 🙂