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I can still recall the debate we had with our Religious Education teacher about a good deed resulting from a bad intention and contrary a bad deed resulting from a good intention. I didn’t study philosophy nor religion past college to have much of a qualified and studied opinion beyond that of a personal one. Continue Reading

A logical fallacy given we will always be limited by our lack of knowledge? Or should the statement be seen in a logical vacuum where all illogical arguments have been removed? I would imagine the latter, the problem being we rarely work in logical vacuum conditions (read science). My philosophy teacher is sorely missed

Also known as the day Julius Caesar was assassinated. Tyrant or Genius? The debate continues, but 15th of March remains a day forever associated with treachery. Et tu, Brute? much hasn’t change

It’s one of the earliest Latin quotes I recall from my history lessons. The quote is what Cato the Elder finished – without exception – all his speeches with, in the Roman Senate. The infamous words left their imprint and not long after Cato had breathed his last breath, Carthage was indeed destroyed (146 BC). Continue Reading

I’ve been terribly at keeping in touch. Some understand, others find it less agreeable. I appreciate the former (thank you M for kind words over a cappuccino…even though I am ever cold and aloof)….and I do sympathise with the latter. It is not hard to…I am rather selfish and maintaining friendships was never my forte. Continue Reading

…the sharpest and wittiest tongue of Rome, Cicero was an orator par excellence… yet the most admirable do fall from grace and so did Cicero… …according to Appian, Roman Historian “Cicero…was condemned along with his son, his brother, his nephew, and all his connections, supporters, and friends. He was escaping by boat but being unable Continue Reading

You keep on coming back to it “tomorrow is another day”. It’s what you attempt to imprint in your mind at 7 pm, at 8.30 pm and after 2 am when you wake up, confused about time and place. Tomorrow is another day. Just push through the pain. You are indebted to a number of Continue Reading