The days I’d turn into a nocturnal butterfly, are perhaps not over, but far and few between. Yet this weekend has proven to be some kind of abnormality, ending in late night discussions over wine and good food. Some things are perhaps better left unsaid, whilst a picture captures more than a thousand words.

“I already know what’s wrong with you. You’re unhappy. You’re isolated. You think you’re the cause of this unhappiness and are unworthy of affection so you’ve few friends. Recently you lost something you think very important. Your lover, your faith, your family, or all three. You blame yourself for this, so it makes you neurotic, Continue Reading

It’s stifling, even though the sun is hidden from the what appears to be heavy clouds. You sweat on the cross trainer….your first gym session in a week. It’s there, as you trawl through your inbox, whilst opening up skype that Magical Mambo starts to play. It’s a loungy, dreamy and indeed magical number and Continue Reading

…..sure I’m decent 😉 When they had the earthquake in San Francisco Back in nineteen-six They said that Mother Nature Was up to her old tricks That’s the story that went around But here’s the real low-down Put the blame on Mame, boys Put the blame on Mame One night she started to shim and Continue Reading

…with Marlene Dietrich’ Lili Marleen on repeat. German was never my strength and I disliked it with a vengeance when I had to swap French for German. But I am falling in love with the language hearing Lili serenading for her beloved soldier under the lantern. For those of you that are quick to jump Continue Reading

Last week was – as they say in business – outlier. An observation point so far off the grid, using standard deviation would only pollute the mean. So let’s thus call it an outlier – it doesn’t make you feel better or worse, it just makes the strategy easier to follow through, or you would Continue Reading

What is it with the colour red? Even the name scarlet evokes drama and intrigue. Red Light of course brings an all together different connotation. Then there is fire, blood and rubies… I tried to describe it, as I was answering an email of one of my blog readers. Red is an expensive colour (ever Continue Reading

It’s the 20 minutes before the first call. The ones that sees you running through any emails that came in over last night, checking the agenda…and admittedly that morning blog post. Although it’s pretty gloomy out there, with opaque clouds threatening to burst any moment, you are beaming with delight. Perhaps it’s the effects of Continue Reading

The other day, when I had the pleasure to be invited to the Couture show of Sepehr Maghsoudi, I met this lovely couple – Britta Maria en Maurits Fondse – who had performed earlier in the evening. It was one of a set of performances, part the prelude to the actual show. From the moment Continue Reading

The other night, as I was preparing to go to sleep my London friend contacted me for the only reason (I presume) to draw my attention to a site I most likely had not discovered yet – The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. He was quite right – it is something I would absorb myself into. Continue Reading