Thanks BFF for a great evening yesterday. Good food, conversations over G&T was much needed. And brilliant new place in Haarlem was discovered – The Gin Sum Club. We’ll be back 🙂 a couple of Gin & Tonics later enjoyed at the Gin Sum Club We’ll be back :). good food, wine and conversations earlier Continue Reading

It became a late night (well not too late as school and work was looming for another day). It was a very European gathering with cooking together, a few strops (I suppose I delivered those single-handedly), fantastic wine and Champagne. I lost myself in books, antiques and perfumes, until I was called back to dinner, Continue Reading

It’s just past 6 pm. Hospitals have a strange rhythm I must say. They must feel so very different to their natural habitants than to those that comes and goes through their doors – in one way or another. But here I am, almost a week into my strange journey. I received a lovely visit Continue Reading

I truly don’t know how I could thank so many people coming to mine an my family’s aid. I learned so much and I probably needed those lessons…and more. You have given me that. In various ways, some perhaps not perceived as very welcome, perhaps one might even call my responses hostile. But we have Continue Reading

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. It could be easily me against the world but friends from far and near have been incredibly supportive, bringing me food, gifts, cooking and helping out. I know I am well aware I am crap at showing my true appreciation, so I will have to use Continue Reading

It’s getting closer and closer, 4 weeks and I will say goodbye to this house. I bought it about 10 years ago….another time, another life in fact. But as with everything, this must also come to an end. It’s a large house, so the packing, and discarding has already started. Today is another such day Continue Reading

Blogging is not something high on the priorities when you are under siege from a flu (however mild it may be). Despite feeling worse for wear, my weekend was actually NOT dedicated to domestic work (give or take a couple of hours of ironing). My dear friend Bien came over Friday night. Talking, reminiscing, listening Continue Reading

My closest friends know that I have been going through times, which can be, I suppose, described as somewhat troubled. Most of the time I would attempt to conceal it…here on the blog, and elsewhere, but I don’t believe I ever really managed. I am far too gregarious and open with my feelings to put Continue Reading

4.48 pm – my job is done for today. A little bit of laundry going on in the background but for the rest I officially declare this house a dust free zone. I find that ever since I stopped having a cleaning lady, I purge the house of clutter and old stuff. This time a Continue Reading

Not really sure how to start this post. Where do you begin? It’s been a pretty difficult week with emotions running high. Although I didn’t know you well enough to call you a close friend you were someone I’ve known for many years, someone I’ve had meetings with and would talk to when I ran Continue Reading