….is a constant desire I live and long for. Be it vintage perfumes and whiskey decanters. Or antique jewellery and Venetian masks, I am a collector – when time, space….and my purse afford it. It’s now something of a tradition, to visit brocantes markets and obscure antiquarian bookshops wherever my travels take me. Perhaps any Continue Reading

Some time ago, over dinner, conversations floated towards art and how come I have all these paintings etched in my memory, ready to draw parallels and connections to at any given moment (and sometimes when least expecting it)? The answer was…as always…it’s complicated. Whilst regretfully not having nurtured any artistic inclinations, art has always played Continue Reading

It have been months since Susanne and I finally find ourselves discovering these luxury wood watch from Jord that have distinctive finery art of engineer. I was incredibly excited to receive these watches I ordered in Cora Maple & Lavender for myself and Cora Koa & Rose Gold for Susanne. I love opening them slowly. Continue Reading

We were out playing in the park together in lovely warm sunny Haarlem. When we got to the riverside, Sebas started pulling these big leaves nearby and toss in the river. I had an idea that we should make a big boat out of it. Of course a 6 years old got really excited and Continue Reading

New gig at in the Hague – really good to be here, and with a cool product (social for mobile games!), super office, expats from all the worlds corners, I feel like a fish in a bowl. Not sure who is the creative behind these works, but I might just snap up one of Continue Reading

…as spent at Fris in Haarlem… With hubby… tea after dinner  Delights… …visually… …and gastronomically secretary look….and of course you can achieve it with one of our high waist skirts

I have to admit, I lost the plot. For a brief moment I forgot about the years of contemplations and studies of philosophy and how to live in harmony with myself and the rest on the world no matter the obstacles. Stoicism became in many parts my lifeline. I had books at hand, ready to Continue Reading

There was a time music was dedicated to classical and with that foremost to opera. Puccini (for reasons unknown to me admittedly) became my enchanted portal into that of myths and legends enacted to the baroque tones of tenors and sopranos. For some time the drama moved regrettably from my then CD player to front Continue Reading

or what correct title appears to be: Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix, is a re-occurring theme in my world. It’s an allegorical painting of the 1830 revolution in Paris and although I’m not really sure this is the case, I’ve always associated her with with Pallas Athene (look at her strong jaw line and Continue Reading

The other day, when I had the pleasure to be invited to the Couture show of Sepehr Maghsoudi, I met this lovely couple – Britta Maria en Maurits Fondse – who had performed earlier in the evening. It was one of a set of performances, part the prelude to the actual show. From the moment Continue Reading