The train is just turning into Heemstede-Ardenhout and although the internet wifi is failing miserably (and so is my hotspot) I decide against playing a game to relax and instead open up an empty sheet on my mac to work on something that will become just another blog post. They are far and few in Continue Reading

You are in hibernation mode. An early autumn, yet temperatures are soaring. The cause? There are few suspects, but perhaps not the usual one. Yet, it is what it is…tomorrow is another day. Does it bother you? Well apart from intense headache, not that much. You turn to your classical playlist. You watch Penny Dreadful Continue Reading

…of my birthday, celebrating 3 decades on this planet, I find a rare moment to pause for reflection. I say rare, because I never seem to catch those moments nowadays. However brief. But today is different. Possibly because I am about to take a step into that unknown void of being 40. With age one Continue Reading

I know my blog as the inside of my palm. All the “fictitious” narratives mirroring events I could never ever disclose. The poems, the music, the characteristics I drew from people and happenings stranger than fiction. Today the words of one poem sought me out….whether I wanted to hear them or not….If you forget me….which Continue Reading

Last night, laying in bed, realizing I wanted to share my thoughts with someone desperately….that urging, nagging feeling. Like a missing brother, or soul if you like….it also dawned upon me how little time I have for reflections. 2015 was a year of turmoil, much as a result of personal reasons and circumstances, and health Continue Reading

You keep on coming back to it “tomorrow is another day”. It’s what you attempt to imprint in your mind at 7 pm, at 8.30 pm and after 2 am when you wake up, confused about time and place. Tomorrow is another day. Just push through the pain. You are indebted to a number of Continue Reading

You watch the fire intently, wondering if there is a Grand Design to your insignificant life that even escaped you? You wonder, yes you ponder. Ultimately you feel alone, but it is also the most extraordinary of feelings. The feeling of knowing all you can possibly do is to rely on your own abilities. They Continue Reading

Whilst working, I had the opportunity to do some contemplation (don’t ask me how that worked out as I am not known for someone who masters the art of multitasking). I spent another 35 minutes on the cross trainer going through my old stoic posts, realizing how much philosophy kept my sanity in check during Continue Reading

You wake up to another atrocity. In the city you have the best ever memories in. It stays in the back of your mind as you have precious little time to read the news. In an hour you have a company photo shoot. But it is there. You log onto facebook which now has a Continue Reading

ou are looping the Penny Dreadful signature on Spotify whilst taxing on the runway. Goodbye Low Countries, welcome Mare Nostrum. Perhaps you should listen to something more upbeat but how could you? You are after all a melancholic soul. You meditate on death (yes the ancient Greeks and Romans suggested this being a daily habit), Continue Reading