I woke up in a rather decent time, to fit in some work, breakfast, a run (before it starts to snow which they expect), pool and sauna time. Of course its holidays and I’m not one for making plans then, but the coming 4 days saw some meetings planned in, and there is no other Continue Reading

Someone wished me a lot of good luck today…the kind that is heartfelt and more than the casual you’ll be fine. I thought about it, because at the very moment I was doing one of those business plans. In Project Management we know that although in every day life risk is perceived as something negative, Continue Reading

Recently I’m having a skype call with a dear friend. I call him dear although we have never met. His quarters are at a very safe distance from mine…across the pond and then some. In fact he moves far too much for me to even keep track of his whereabouts. I call him Valmont. Now Continue Reading

I sit at dinner, stabbing my fork into the spaghetti before making a swirl and scooping it up. My gaze is to my right, several cookbooks stacked for all the might the shelf can bare. Sometimes there are no thoughts and sometime they are so many I find it difficult to decipher and categories them. Continue Reading

When I was in my formative years, the only real heroes I had were men. I wrote about it once in Making Love to Emperors. Yes, it is quite peculiar and I’m a curious woman with an eclectic range of interests. This became rather self evident in a conversation the other day, where my humour Continue Reading

I’ve always been an incredible fan of Gladiator. No fan doesn’t even begin to describe…in awe. I recall not wanting to leave the cinema when the credits roll started. I just sat there in sheer amazement. The last part is especially vivid in my mind, when Maximus falls to the ground in what is his Continue Reading

So yes, the Part II of that fictional story is coming, just need a bit of time… and inspiration ;). In the meantime, let’s go back to a topic I love: documentaries. As I never watch TV and frankly would be quite happy if I never had to see the darn screen again (put it Continue Reading

Feeling strangely elated, not sure why but it’s good I suppose. My throat pain still persists though, and I’ve taken to drink a glass of cognac for lunch just to zap it. It’s not fun in the least (although a good excuse for some fine brandy!), as its travelled to my ear and frankly just irritates Continue Reading

The other night, as I was preparing to go to sleep my London friend contacted me for the only reason (I presume) to draw my attention to a site I most likely had not discovered yet – The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. He was quite right – it is something I would absorb myself into. Continue Reading