I didn’t really get to vent my anger and frustration over IKEA. This is more than a company to born-and-bred Swede like myself – it’s an institution. Back then the IKEA warehouses didn’t look like they do today – they were white and red (like the Danish flag – who had that brilliant idea?!).

All well and done. Arrived, sign positing was intermittent at best and they were doing some reconstruction on site. We got what we looked for luckily (without too many quarrels between ourselves). 2 red lacquered tables, grey chairs, a white painted tin cabinet, dark shelves to hang on the walls and some other paraphernalia. It’s arriving tomorrow. And that was exactly the problem. IKEA can only deliver within a 48 hour timeslot. Or you have to come back another day and redo the order. Great! Here goes the planning for the rest of the week (which was filled with calls with painting being put to Sunday). So things look very different now. Painting today and tomorrow, furniture delivery tomorrow afternoon. Saturday will be dedicated to cleaning and sorting out stuff for our own move and Sunday? I’m not even sure how it feels to have a day off. I’m sure I can think of something that needs to be done around here.


The brand you either love or hate – or both