I write this post on a stop between Antwerp and Touquet. Although the weather has been fantastic (especially for Dutch standards), it was a cloudy Haarlem we left behind. Luckily weather prognosis looks splendid for where we are heading.

It is a much needed break. Although I forgot my book, I did bring my note book (the analogue kind ;), badminton rackets and swim gear. All necessities for a 4 day beach holiday.

As it’s been a few days since last, there are some things to report… Since starting in all earnest to work out 4-5 days a week, I saw my most improved results in months. -2.5 kg’s on the scales. I attribute it to a diet consisting primarily of fish, chicken and gazpacho soup. The latter is purchased in a litre (semi-fresh) squeeze. Handy to bring to the beach or work for lunch. Add a little of red pepper and Tabasco and you have a lean summer meal :).

spring is turning into summer

with tuna tataki…

…and chicken on the menu

my latest meal fetish….gazpacho soup