It took you a long time to write. What do you say? After all those months, and all those governmental institutions that knows fuck all. Well that was your opinion anyways. And their judgements equally so. Just an opinion.

The doctors and nurses had entered and left in your hazy morphine marinated mind. Some were good, others less impressive. But time passed and one day you were pain free. The first day you were confused. Your raison d’être a faint memory, and if you thought about it, it didn’t hold true any longer anyhow. The first day you cried. You had gone from one nightmare to another. You wept for most of the day….like a child who just lost her favourite toy. You  ate little, yet managed to find time to work out some basic stratagems. You slept on it…badly. Nightmares plagued your dreams. The next day was better. You meditated and it became once more clear. Your philosophy had stood the test of time. Of course it had for thousands of years, so a little bit of personal misfortune would not constitute a problem of any sizable degree. So you met up, you talked, you listened and you digested. Another 24 hours and you are still walking the path. Treading carefully but soon you will run. Let’s just hope that the weather stays glorious.


Mississippi is not that far after all