I woke up this morning way to early. It should be considered a carnal sin for the postman to ring on the door before 9. Just as we decided to continue our beauty sleep the second parcel delivery was at the door. Cute! The whole house was awake and in particular one very annoyed husband. The irritation hung like a black cloud for hours, as we did our best to to make ourselves invisible. I’m not sure if it was the good stats that were coming through or the fact that our tactics were paying off, but the mood lifted and at 2 pm we set sail into town.

It was a short trip, but on our way a present was waiting for me in a gift shop. So sweet! All the gloom of the morning was instantly forgotten. Victoria got a new pair of boots, and in addition I bought myself a beautiful, hand crafted notebook in leather. Perfect as my new notebook for the new year!

wine glasses

Decanter and wine glasses from Reinout

note book

A notebook for myself