I opened my laptop as soon as the alarm started its usual wine. In fact it was half closed after falling asleep to a documentary on the Zodiac. Trawling through the news was an uneventful affair. As a swede I was yet again reminded of the fake news Trump is spreading about the so called terror attack the other day in Sweden (I make a mental note not to become too blasé with this most unfit president of all times….after all, it’s not too difficult to make comparison to the 1920’s Germany and Austria…..who thought that madman would become Reich Chancellor?).

Despite note to self, I navigate away from news and to the Guardian’s Culture section. It gives an account of the making of The Crying Game. I never saw it, but I do recall (IMHO) one of Boy George finest pieces with the same title. I believe it was part of the soundtrack. After reading the article, I realise why…it has all the ingredients for something spectacular…sex, violence, terrorism and gay love. How did I miss it?

Possibly because the film is made in 1992 and I was merely 16 at the time. So I make another mental note to watch it tonight…..and download that song from Spotify. Classics never go out of time…


two years before Pulp Fiction. I can’t help but wondering if Quentin Tarantino drew some inspiration for his legendary movie poster


Joely richardson vs Uma Thurman….you decide 😉