I really didn’t expect so many birthday wishes, there are well over a hundred on facebook, mails, calls and texts. Flowers, hair and makeup, a book, a beautiful drawing that is a treasure map straight to the heart. The kindness is immense – thank you ALL. I feel loved, which is a feeling one should not take for granted. It’s precious and rare, and perhaps in my case I am guilty of not knowing exactly how to treat and respond to it with the dignity it deserves. Yes I am guilty of that offense, but we must try – especially when we are out of our comfort zone.

Of course I thought a lot of my mother – how can one not on such a day? But also because she was (still is) exceptionally important to me. I miss her almost more now than when she just passed. I simply couldn’t phantom with my 19 years that there would be times in one’s adult life one would still need a mother. I also thought about that the other day. How I have almost come to search for a replacement of her. I became the, if you like, orphaned-woman, in search of the Mother who would take me in. I’m still in search of her…with pain I have to admit this is so.

But for now more importantly, Thank you all for your kind, uplifting and heartwarming messages. They made my day well and truly. Sx