My stomach is churning from hunger pangs, still not having had my breakfast yet. I woke up some 45 minutes ago when my husband and my little boy crashed through the door of the guestroom. I had only slept about 4 hours, finally succumbing to slumber after 6 am. It was already light for some time by then.

My sleep is intermittent at best. At worst it’s non-existant, as I fight a loosing battle with my nocturnal soul. So last night I removed myself to the guestroom in a selfish bid to get some sleep stretching into the afternoon hours. Alas my planning turned out less than accurate.

The plans for today are less than thrilling, but will shake my dazed mind into action. I have a heap of admin to take care of, and a synopsis that needs to be reworked based on the feedback I have got so far. I am truly grateful of this.

Ok, enough of rambeling but I hope you have oversight. More thoughts coming later…