I long for two things, spring and a good party! We’re lucky as we have a south facing garden which brings a lot of light into our house. It completely showers our rooms in sun light. I remember when I bought this house, it was almost 4 years ago. Me and my now ex husband had gone through a financially and emotionally disastrous time. After having lived in a 45 square meter apartment for almost a year I had finally green light to start looking for a new house. My budget was somewhat smaller than it had been before but it didn’t deter me from finding my dream house.

I used to run several times a week. I’m what you can call an urban runner. I love running down the streets of any city I have the pleasure of visiting. I’ve been running in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Malmo, Copenhagen, Madrid, Malta, San Fransisco, Miami, on Kos, London and a whole bunch of other places. Wherever I go for more than 2 days I bring my training gear and go for an urban run. With my iPod on fullest volume, it’s a great way to explore cities, neighbourhoods and streets.

This time I turned into a small street not far from the station in Haarlem, and was met by a for sale sign. The house was in the centre and by the look of it, had great dimensions. I noted the street name and called the realestate agent the very same day. Within days I had an appointment for a viewing. I knew the moment I stepped inside, this was it. Although the house, which was built around 1880, had not seen a coat of paint since 1960, with all the original details removed and replaced for much later periodic equivalents, I knew I could bring back the place to it’s former glory. My vision was classic Parisian, with French panelled doors, fish-bone parquet and marble fire places. The latter never fitted into the budget but all the rest was implemented with careful attention to detail.

I started collecting interior magazines, and I saved the little treasures I could find, such as a designer library from a town house in London, or en suite rooms from a Parisian apartment. With a en eclectic mix of old antiques from my mother’s home together with newly acquired pieces and a 3 meter long antique oak table which had been standing in a Spanish hacienda, I turned the place from a house to a home.

But coming back to the moment the house was bought. It was in early June, and after collecting the keys I used to sneak into the house, alone and just lay down on the floor which was basking in sunlight. The feeling of the sun nurturing my energy drained body and soul was immense. I would loose myself there and then on the floor, and in my dreamlike state would walk through every room and envision it in its new transformation. It brought back piece to my mind.

Although in a new place mentally, but same place physically, I have a similar feeling today. The sun is not shining, but somehow its rays are penetrating me as I’m sitting here in bed with baby asleep next to me. Spring, o glorious Spring, I’m ready for you!


My favourite place for reading & writing, on the chaise lounge