As of recent I wake up earlier than normal. Not because something is brooding, but as it seems my bio rhythm has changed without rhyme or reason. Where I could easily sleep into past ten on a weekend, I wake up at quarter past eight invariably. My weekends are much the same though as in the past. Saturday starts off with coffee, news, emails and admin followed by running errands and a late afternoon gym session.

Sunday typically is a variant of the Saturday. Classical piano music, email and blogging followed by a late breakfast serving as brunch, and then catching up on whatever slipped through the net the previous day. After gym and an early dinner, I typically wind down with preparations for the week to come and a good film. Tonight I have my eyes on the French L’affaire SK1.

But seeing the glorious autumn weather, I might just substitute the latter for a solitary evening walk. Thinking twice about it, I might do just that. It won’t be long until those sunny days will be a mere memory.


pictures from yesterday’s evening stroll

it won’t be long until those leaves will shift their colour