I realise I haven’t been blogging for the last few months. As you can understand, reasons exists. Some I’m more willing to disclose than others. What I can say is that while succumbing to the flu which lasted the best of three weeks, I decided to write. I love writing, it’s been a passion since I was a little girl. I still hear my now deceased Swedish teacher from highschool, as he would announce the “Nobel Prize Winner” and my knees would quiver from both fear and delight of reading my essay to the class….

So I turned a simple flu into something of meaning and wrote my first novel, 77,000 words in the genre of drama/mystery. It’s a novel that bares recemblance to myself and the life choices ‘ve made but with an underlying historical pretext yet anchored in recent events. So far I am getting great feedback to it, and with the few people that might read this blog post I am asking for your help. Does anyone know a publisher or an agent I can get introduce to? Further I am looking for an editor that could edit the manuscript on a short notice. He/she must be native English/American (written in Brittish English though). Also if anyone is up for giving feedback, it would be most welcome 🙂 Just mail me on waldau.susanne[at] gmail.com


The way I would see the book cover 🙂