There was a time I was more faithful than a catholic nun to my perfume (note I write this in singular). There was only one – Fracas, which – as those of you who read my blog from time to time may recall, I found in an obscure perfume shop in a back alley of Milano. Of course as any dark side scent, it came with its own dark side tale (recounted here: A perfume for a kiss).

But as time went by, and I became somewhat of a self-professed connoisseur in these scents (an interesting article follows here from Elle for anyone who has a similar interest (Scents of Desire), I started my own petty collection in these olfactory elixirs. In short I went from a devoted perfume spouse to an epic perfume whore.

Now although the perfumes I wear tend to come with a price tag matching their rare and exclusive nature, they do also come with a bad-ass perfume reputation.

In fact most will have legends attach to them, if not an epithet hinting their mythical status. So does my latest acquisition: TABU by Dana (when the parfumeur was given the assignment in 1932, he was simply briefed to create a perfume for a puta – in my opinion he came rather close, although we are talking more Toulouse-Lautrec’s version of these scandalous women than any 21st century contemporary)

So when I found this infamous scent, I was more than willing to give it a try. It’s not without similarities to another creation of Jean Charles – Shocking, by Schiaparelli. A floral oriental, the narciccus boldly shine through on the warm, balsamic base. Buy it online, or at Perfumes of the Past in Haarlem. You won’t be disappointed.


TABU by Dana, I have to say I’ve worn her every evening with few exceptions