It’s somewhere in the early evening and you have finished whatever you were suppose to. Not knowing exactly what to do next, and only having yourself as company, you search for a film fitting your melancholy. Tom Ford’s latest piece Nocturnal Animals promises both that and much needed distraction. You find it on the streaming service of youtube and punch in you CC details for a 48h rental.

Your choice doesn’t disappoint. Within the first half an hour the story of murder, revenge and rejection is filling you with visual sensations – each scene a still life in its own right. As the ending draws to a close and your namesake is finding herself alone in an upmarket restaurant, wishing for yet another drink to obliterate the pain – the familiar chords of Abel Korzeniowski fills the room. You look it up and quickly add it to your classical playlist.

An hour later you are still mesmerized by the pensive sadness that now permeate every atom of your being. It will be an early evening no doubt, one falling asleep to piano, violins, and voluptuous women dancing in red and white circus hats.