Yesterday going through my drawers I discovered all these old cards and newspaper clippings from my mum. It was hidden in an old leather wallet belonging to my grandfather I believe. A small and inconspicuous card fell out of it. Adorned by two roses it read simply Pia – my mother’s name. One the other side, my stepfather, Birger had written an adorable message of love. I read it, and re-read it, and then again and again until I could almost recite the lines by heart. I have taken a copy of it underneath here but as it’s in Swedish I will translate it.

To my loving wife Pia. Thank you for your loving care and attention to my health and welfare and for all the love you have given in our first year of marriage. Birger

It was short and sweet but summed up my mum in so many ways, always thinking of the welfare of others (Birger had a heart surgery later in life which of course had an impact on life in general). It also made me think of how lucky I was to have him as a stepdad as he was always there, strict but loving with proneness to spoiling me. Yeah I was lucky in many ways…

Mum and Birger, you are both in my thoughts x

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My mother to the right in the foreground as an angel. The year is 1950