It’s a while since the Dutch trains were fitted with wifi. But it is what makes the journey so useful running through the mails that kept clogging up over the night (do we have competition from a new specie? The ones that work 24/7, 7 days a week. If anyone has ideas how to tackle these private life slayers be my guest to drop me a line :).

On a good note, I didn’t miss the train, and here I am with my laptop and my new leather bag from KR Elite! Thank you Karien to introduce me to your wonderful bags. More will come on that as I cannot rave more about your eye for style and detail – especially for a woman that needs to cram in her whole emergency kit into one bag, let alone her life story.

Wish you all a good day and if we are indeed evolving into this new subspecie of Homo sapiens, do your utmost to resists. Don’t give up without a fight!


KR Elite – excellent for work and travel in leather and lining of nude suede