A little over a month ago I started with a personal trainer. It would be too simple to attribute this sudden spur of fitness to vanity. In fact, having had an injury on my spinal chord years ago, the one thing I need to keep in shape is my body. It’s not as bad as it sounds, but if I don’t, muscle strength will gradually decrease and nerve pain and other ailments will undoubtedly set in. So ever since (but perhaps going back long since), a healthy lifestyle is paramount.

However the last year has seen my weight fluctuating (mostly on the wrong side of 60 kg’s). Not sure if it’s down to life being slightly more stressful or just down to the fact that I have entered into the 40 bracket. Whatever the reason, I noticed the slippage like a gradual descent into middle age (read HELL). And as most people do, fighting gravity and any signs of aging, my dilemma needed drastic measures.

I signed myself up with a PT. Initial weigh-in was not a joy:

Weight: 61.3 kg’s
BMI: 22,5
Fat percentage:(a whooping – do note considered obese!) 34,2 %
Muscle mass: 38,3 %

Trying not to feel too deterred, I continued the schedule, although I didn’t change much in my diet. The moment of truth (like being on the Biggest Looser show) came yesterday with the following results:

Weight: 61.1 kg’s (-0.2 kg’s – nothing to write home about 😉
BMI: 22,4 (-0.1)
Fat percentage: 33,5 % (-0.7 – I am still considered obese according to Google
Muscle mass: 38,9 % (+0.6)

Well it wasn’t perhaps the greatest of news, but enough to get serious about my quest for health. Thus I promised my PT to keep a food diary and do my utmost not to slip! Starting yesterday, and to ensure I stay on the right side of the truth, I will use my blog to record my diary, fitness and progress:

Friday March 10, 2017

Workout: 25 min biking / 25 min cross trainer / ropes / weights / lunges  (total 1 h, 40 min)

Breakfast: cottage cheese, blueberries and a handful of nuts

Lunch: courgette spaghetti with bolognese sauce

Mid afternoon snack: Breaker protein yoghurt

1 cappuccino with small cookie (my sin for the day!)

Dinner: avocado salad, asparagus, steak

In the evening I got a huge craving and not managing to resist it, I had some smoked ham with paprika and cheese.

Well let’s see where this lifestyle effort will take me. One thing is for sure, giving up is not an option!


healthy dinner