It’s now almost 3 weeks into my vegetarian journey. I haven’t once felt the need to tuck into a steak (I used to be a big meat eater – always preferring my steaks rare). But gone are those days and there is a surprisingly large range of healthy and tasty vegetarian meals – to my pleasant discovery. I also noticed I actually eat less, and I’m now nearing what used to be my standard weight (50 kg’s – I’m only 1.63!).

Apart from this change (and cutting out the alcohol, sugar and coffee) I started meditating. Saturday morning was the first day, and I religiously set my alarm to 7.45 this weekend so as not to waste my mornings. Today, I rose at 6.15 am, and although it took a few minutes to scramble myself together, I was down by the fireplace by 6.30 practicing my stoic exercises. This followed by my normal cross trainer routine and further stoic podcasts.

Well it is still early days, but so far so good. I suppose it does give a peace of mind where before my mind would have been running loops, and starts the day off in a positive flow. The last exercise – premeditatio malorum – or negative visualization – may seem contradictory to actually feeling content and happy, but it seems to be working.

So Happy Monday everyone and hopefully a fun, positive and exciting week awaits you all!



Pumpkin and goat cheese sallad – at Blender of course