The Greek word for knowledge. We probably don’t give it as much thought as the ancient Greeks, and besides it is something often taken for granted, readily available with a few key strokes.

The other day someone asked me what excites me. I didn’t dwell on the question for too long, because my lifelong passion is just that….knowledge. I have recounted the stories too many time on this blog, to yet again tell you about how come this is my craving. But ever since my first memories in front of that bookcase, I was incessantly seeking for meaning, understanding, truth. My mother was by her own account going mad with the question why?

my former library. I sorely miss you

This perpetual search takes expression in invariably two preoccupations: watching documentaries or reading Wikipedia. The former is a topic in itself, whilst the latter is something up until today I have taken much for granted. Whether a Netflix serie on the trial of OJ Simpson or William Hogarth’s serie on a Harlot’s Progress, I turn to Wikipedia at all times. So today, as I was researching the company Airbus. Before launching the page, an appeal popped up by the founder Jimmy Wales. I have to be honest, I have seen many of them, and every time I clicked away, reasoning that they have enough philanthropists sponsoring their survival. Also it’s not exactly Médecins Sans Frontières appealing for donations to field hospitals in Syria or a Red Cross campaign for the conflict in Sudan.

Yet, I couldn’t click away this time. Haven’t I enriched myself plentiful through this site? Au contraire to Google, who has profited through every search I’ve made, Wikipedia, standing second in rank in importance to my online life, has not. It was about time. Jimmy Wales and the Wikipedia team, thank you for being a constant source of knowledge and for making my life ever more interesting and exciting!

Proud to have finally contributed