It’s not often you go into that alternative space. The one no one else occupies….apart from you. But there is so little of the one thing you crave….time….alas…that and space…first to make the connections, find images…words…music…scents. Yet these elements never seem to intersect. At 7 pm you go offline….out of transmission, vetting any messages coming in, before deciding whether they deserve your attention…or not. You look for a film, something that will keep you focused for the next 90 minutes.

Frank & Lola draws your attention….if not for the title alone. It’s a flick suggested to you based on prior viewings. big data in all its glory. It starts off in Vegas, without any of the flashy…trashy, backdrops. No this is sleek cinema…or at least attempting to be, with suitable NY jazz.

OK, so you’re hooked. From Vegas to Paris and back again. You make a mental note to visit Paris soon.

Everything disturbs an absent lover…