I promise so much on my blog. It’s my way to keep myself under strict supervision. It works…and then not. it all depends on the kind of personality one has. I suppose I rather be an honest liar than a lying hypocrite. Philosophically it doesn’t matter much…after all there is no right or wrong, but thinking makes it so. But this is not an entry on philosophy, although I have recently been revisiting the tracks of my wondering stoic mind. No…it’s merely an explanation to why I have not kept my latest promise….however trivial it may be: Keeping a record of my eating and fitness regime.

As I stood on the scale tracking everything beyond the kilograms, there was no escape. I knew I had been good…in places (sounds familiar ;)?…yet I had once again failed my targets miserably. My PT gave his slightly nuanced take on the dire situation…I had plateaued. Whatever the argument one may use, let’s put the results up for close scrutiny. Tomorrow is after all another day šŸ˜‰

Mid February:

Weight: 61.3 kgā€™s
BMI: 22,5
Fat percentage:(a whooping ā€“ do note considered obese!) 34,2 %
Muscle mass: 38,3 kg

March 11

Weight: 61.1 kgā€™s
BMI: 22,4 (-0.1)
Fat percentage: 33,5 % (-0.7 ā€“ I am still considered obese according to Google
Muscle mass: 38,9 kg’s

April 12

Weight: 62 kgs (up 0,9 kg’s!)
BMI: 22,8
Fat Percentage: 30,3% (Down 10%…I’ve gone from obese to average according to Google šŸ™‚
Muscle Mass: 41 kgs (up +5%….yes this is good!)

I felt marginally encouraged that I was on the right path and promised myself I would continue my food and fitness diary. Thus, he it is…

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Workout: 25 min biking / 7 min cross trainer / 5 min rowing / weights / lunges / 10 min yoga (total 1 h, 40 min)

Breakfast: cottage cheese, blueberries and a handful of nuts, coffee

Lunch: sweet potato and pumpkin soup

Dinner: chicken, peas, carrots and some peanut butter sauce (my sin ;)…and 2 glasses of red.

simple but excellent dinner

Thursday, April 13, 2017

no workout (no time)

Breakfast: 1 200 gram protein yogurt, 2 mandarins, coffee

Lunch: chicken and avocado salad, 2 cappuccinos

lunch at …Lunch & Co

Dinner: sweet potato and pumpkin soup, and 2 glasses of red (this is something I intend to cut down on)