Yesterday I read an article called “Dance or Die” telling the story of a Palestinian ballet dancer, living in Syria when the war broke out. This was a young kid, who burned for dancing, who under the threat of prosecution and death continued to dance and teach kids ballet in bombed out compounds. I was amazed. What even captured me more, was the ballet leap – perfectly positioning between the pillars and the entrance to the once so majestic amphitheater of Palmyra. I was in the gym whilst I read it, but somehow forgot time and place until a fellow club member brought me back to reality, inquiring if I was done with the machine. I nodded I was, prompting me to leave. As I was biking back to pick up my son at the daycare, that gracious leap kept playing in my mind, like a leap of faith inviting the world to take together with Ahmad.

I couldn’t help wondering if we were ready for it?

Today is the day before election day in the Netherlands. Ahmad Joudeh is now dancing with the Dutch National Opera in Amsterdam. I am intent to see him dance. Dancing for Peace.

If it was down to the Wilders, the Le Pens and Trumps of this world, Achmad would not dance here. Not only being a refugee, he is a core tenant of the arts which both Wilders as well as Trump don’t see the importance of.

I can’t vote in this election, but I do hope people will align their hearts and minds tomorrow. And take the leap of faith for a not only a better country but a better world. Perhaps in this case the question is not Dance or Die? I would argue for some 13 million eligible voters it comes down to 3 simple words “Vote or Die”