Not yet a month into the new year, yet it feels like an eternity. We are hit with new earth shattering political headlines every morning, to the extent that what is the point of brewing the coffee? It will grow cold anyways before I’ve gone through the news and the numerous opinion pieces. It’s time for a change in routine. I am still pondering on what that change will be, in contrast to the new POTUS, I don’t take decisions on a whim. Even if they only affect myself.

But this is not a political piece (I’m terribly bad at them anyways), and more to do with what’s on my mind this Sunday morning. Yesterday whilst at the gym, I decided once and for all to cut all the unhealthy eating and sugar and turn to a much stricter diet. I resolutely kicked off with great gusto, having just two boiled eggs and asparagus for dinner. It did the trick and one day into my healthy eating regime I have lost 1kg, with another 8 to go. Be prepared for going to bed hungry dear!

I have started my action lists and kanban boards. Focus is key. I went through another diary of mine from a few years back. I quickly realised I’d achieved almost half of the goals, but only last year. Curious, but perhaps not surprising. There were a few change agents that rendered this feat possible.

Change agents… for better or worse, are indeed curious things. The key is to realise them as moments in time opportune to capitalise on. So is 2017. So let’s make the best of it! Let’s indeed not waste another precious moment.


the world is your oyster