In my lunch break, having the last gazpacho soup I could find in the supermarket before winter sets in. It’s been such a hectic week and it’s not a secret I’m counting down the days and weeks until Christmas and New Year. But work has plenty of gems too. Last night saw an interesting reading Continue Reading

….or just a Friday morning. Whatever the title, one of a few moments I managed to seize. In the sunlight, waiting for a taxi to take me to the office. carpe diem

It’s been somewhat of an outlier week, which saw me drinking far too much coffee and sleeping less than I should (jet lag from last week’s trip to Asia). Well last cup and then off in a moment for an evening planned to be spent in bed with an Indian takeaway and the Infiltrator as Continue Reading

Do I need to say more? Manila intersection discovered a new dish – mango with sticky rice interior shot of hotel Fairmont Singapore sling – gin, cherry-flavored brandy, triple sec, Benedictine, pineapple juice, lime juice, and grenadine sophistication in a bottle window shopping

Touched down, did the laundry, had a 10 hour beauty sleep, repacked and now off for a short business trip. Before I left, I discovered the amaryllis plant from last year’s Christmas in full bloom on the balcony. A wonderful welcome and goodbye at the same time. Beauty in all its simplicity Food for thought Continue Reading

As I turned off the lights a little over midnight I knew I would sleep tremendously well. Malta has that…whether magnetic field or just the sea lulling you to sleep, I sleep like a log without fail. 9 hours straight before a little man called for my attention. We had breakfast in bed, Sebastian watching Continue Reading

I’m just wrapping up after a hectic day for Coalition for Defense – a European NGO safeguarding the principles of safety, prosperity and freedom within the borders of Europe. Lately has seen a lot of activities, with a new website, show reel and other marcom and funding related activities. Have a peak on our new Continue Reading

I managed to catch an earlier train (which doesn’t happen often) and with that a short stop at the Starbucks. Tuesday everyday luxury 🙂 misspelled name or not, the coffee sure did the trick

No one has missed that fact checking is the vogue nowadays. When the war on terror has been replaced by the war on media, we are all becoming hyper aware of any information coming our way. It’s a dangerous territory the US POTUS is treading, given that his own statements are fact checked with ever Continue Reading

A few years back you had a gig for Barnes & Noble, setting up their content channels in Scandinavia. It saw you travelling to the Nordics on a regular basis giving opportunity to re-discover some old pearls like Fem Sma Hus and Gyllene Freden. Cafe Opera and Stureplan also saw frequent visits. You regularly get Continue Reading