I’m just wrapping up after a hectic day for Coalition for Defense – a European NGO safeguarding the principles of safety, prosperity and freedom within the borders of Europe. Lately has seen a lot of activities, with a new website, show reel and other marcom and funding related activities. Have a peak on our new Continue Reading

I managed to catch an earlier train (which doesn’t happen often) and with that a short stop at the Starbucks. Tuesday everyday luxury 🙂 misspelled name or not, the coffee sure did the trick

No one has missed that fact checking is the vogue nowadays. When the war on terror has been replaced by the war on media, we are all becoming hyper aware of any information coming our way. It’s a dangerous territory the US POTUS is treading, given that his own statements are fact checked with ever Continue Reading

A few years back you had a gig for Barnes & Noble, setting up their content channels in Scandinavia. It saw you travelling to the Nordics on a regular basis giving opportunity to re-discover some old pearls like Fem Sma Hus and Gyllene Freden. Cafe Opera and Stureplan also saw frequent visits. You regularly get Continue Reading

That has become the mantra of today’s Internet age. But how do you disrupt? And if you one day wake up (and smell the coffee so to speak), how do you respond? Here are 10 disruptive business models behind some of the most well known companies and brands today, as covered by Jo Caudron and Continue Reading

There wasn’t much time for either blogging or taking pictures in Barcelona whilst attending European Utility Week. A few moments were captured though, however brief in nature… Tuesday morning in Barcelona traffic street life from the vantage point of a taxi celebrating a successful day a break at the pool before commencing with work a Continue Reading

Intensive schedule with D-Day approaching! November 10 – Don’t miss SIM-CI’s CI Summit on Disrupting the Disruptors! In the meantime, always a pleasure having meetings at Google 🙂 Whether Monday morning or end of play, how can one NOT have fun working 🙂

After a little over one year my Mac couldn’t take the abuse I’ve put it through lately. It didn’t quite give up the ghost, but knowing it would be a tortuous journey and a slow death, I went in search for an upgrade. Not cheap, but well worth it! Macbook pro 13 inch 3,1 GHz Continue Reading

It’s close to 7 pm when I find myself on a train from Amersfoort direction Amsterdam. But we shan’t complain We put our collective brains together and with a professional crew, shot at location Duiven for SIM-CI. The weather was incredible and I’m sure so will be the outcome. But for now, as I am Continue Reading

Last weekend didn’t end as well as I had hoped for. I came down with what seemed at first like a stomach flu, lasting me well into the week. Luckily it has passed and although the work week isn’t exactly over yet I just parked myself in a bar at the Utrecht Central Station, enjoying Continue Reading