There are times to celebrate, and there are times to salute. The former invariably falls in the category of the merry and joyous. The latter marks the passage of time…not as in good or bad…..just mileage. Today is such a day. And with a 2004 St Emilion and a book that was sent to me Continue Reading

It’s been a pretty hectic week, and it looks like this state will remain for the foreseeable future. Luckily the long weekend will allow for catching up with the most immediate priorities. Victoria came home from Malta yesterday – happy, tanned and relaxed. We met up for a catch up and some work discussions over Continue Reading

Blogging can be very unforgiving. For more than the fact that one is not always caught in a photogénique moment. But perhaps more so as it follows one through the years, in good times and one’s lesser so, indiscriminately and unbiased keeping account of the aging process. Yesterday was such a moment, with little sleep, Continue Reading

How do you write when you haven’t been writing for weeks, if not over a month? I can’t answer….I suppose the only answer is that I have no answer. But I write this due to absence in communication, missing appointments, perhaps even being short and abrupt. It is not my meaning. It’s been a difficult Continue Reading

The good news is that I have a new Mac. Beautiful with retina screen. I couldn’t be more happy. The bad news is the trouble started on Wednesday and after so many appointments at the Mac store (they were super though and perplexed themselves as the data transfer didn’t work), I am finally up and Continue Reading

Netherlands took me by surprise with how incredibly cold it is compare to England. The icy bite against my skin this morning while riding my bike was a little shock of winter. Just like the Game of Thrones phrase; “The winter is coming”, and the worst is yet to come. Sometime I even day dreaming about Continue Reading

I’m fiddling with my agenda here. It’s going to be a crazy 10 days before holidays hit. I crashed in bed with a headache and a kid running riot around me just after dinner (which he wouldn’t eat of course). The terrible twos is more like the terrible fives going on six. I am finding Continue Reading

…I’m on the plane destination London. This is also a test for the WordPress app. So excuses for the rush but taxiing as we speak…

I’m guilty of totally relaxing yesterday. Nothing but good food, wine, talks, walks and an impromptu excursion to the dunes and Elswout. It was both rare and incredibly good for mind and soul that I still don’t fancy getting out of bed and turning this day into reality. But I am afraid I have to, Continue Reading