Today feels like a day the holiday really started. No work, breakfast on the balcony, gym session followed by a relaxed afternoon at the beach. Bliss Finally holiday! Susanna at the bath (as the saying goes) Sebastian is enjoying the Med too smeared my hair in castor oil for an improvised hair treatment

…but in this case perhaps it’s more appropriate to replace Eagle with Falcon, as this is how the island came to be in the possession of the Knights Hospitaller for some 250 years, as after seven years of moving from place to place in Europe, the knights gained fixed quarters in 1530 when Charles I Continue Reading

Next week Monday we are off for our summer vacation to Malta. The kids are really looking forward to it (though strictly speaking one already departed today). Packing will be….as always… a last minute affair. But despite not dwelling too much in my vacation destinations before I arrive, I already ordered a book I am Continue Reading

With the heatwave sweeping the low counties (and Europe for that matter), my mind can’t help drifting towards the upcoming summer holidays in July. Anything else than Malta would be scandalous, so this time we are once more heading for this Mediterranean pearl. A pic taken from a sailing trip last year, brings back fond Continue Reading

Work is already kicking in after a few days off. Still a pleasant surprise to accidentally finding a few pics to prolong the holiday feeling 🙂   soaking up the last bit of sun and beach no lack of energy

Sebastian surprised me yesterday morning with a gorgeous golden cuff. A stunning piece with an inside leather band in dark green. Thank you little man! It’s been a lovely break. happy campers a golden cuff which fitted a dress I received last Christmas perfectly plateau de fruits de mer at le Grill de Perard bear Continue Reading

It’s the last day on this long weekend trip, so we’re going to make the most of it. Like yesterday, with dinner at fish restaurant Perard. As the sun was setting, painting the beach in red and purple, we decided to stay for a last hour of beach fun before strolling back. On that note, Continue Reading

It’s a fantastic mini holiday spending a few days at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. The weather is soaring hovering around 30 degrees, the beaches are endless and so are the many small streets brimming with evening dwellers in search for local eateries. The many seafood restaurants is a feast for a part-time pescotarian like myself. In my Continue Reading

We could have wished for perhaps a little warmer weather but nevertheless it was a great long weekend. As usual good food, some shopping and also beach and walks through the woods stood on the agenda. A lot was accomplished in only three days, ending with lunch in Lille. à bientôt beach, beach and more Continue Reading

I’ve just returned from an Easter weekend in Reims. As usual it’s been a mix of sightseeing (Reims Cathedral is a warm recommendation where the kings of France were coronated for 700 years), Champagne tasting, shopping and trying local culinary curiosities :). Reims Cathedral is a gothic architectual marvel impressive stone masonry at the Palace Continue Reading