I use my blog invariably for self-serving purposes. These posts spring from out of pure boredom, to being a creative outlet, to noting down occasions worth remembering….and sometimes they are just….like this post….a note to self. That going for a Gillian Anderson’s Stella Gibson hairstyle in the Fall works wonderfully if you are a blonde Continue Reading

The time when days were transitioning into each other, with no beginning nor end, each day just another version if its predecessor, are long gone. Luckily so. The work hasn’t changed, and perhaps not the priorities either….but gradually the clouds scattered and rays of light emerged. One day you are sure you will capture these Continue Reading

It’s not often you go into that alternative space. The one no one else occupies….apart from you. But there is so little of the one thing you crave….time….alas…that and space…first to make the connections, find images…words…music…scents. Yet these elements never seem to intersect. At 7 pm you go offline….out of transmission, vetting any messages coming Continue Reading

The Greek word for knowledge. We probably don’t give it as much thought as the ancient Greeks, and besides it is something often taken for granted, readily available with a few key strokes. The other day someone asked me what excites me. I didn’t dwell on the question for too long, because my lifelong passion Continue Reading

Yesterday I read an article called “Dance or Die” telling the story of a Palestinian ballet dancer, living in Syria when the war broke out. This was a young kid, who burned for dancing, who under the threat of prosecution and death continued to dance and teach kids ballet in bombed out compounds. I was Continue Reading

Not yet a month into the new year, yet it feels like an eternity. We are hit with new earth shattering political headlines every morning, to the extent that what is the point of brewing the coffee? It will grow cold anyways before I’ve gone through the news and the numerous opinion pieces. It’s time Continue Reading

At 5 pm you close your laptop. The building is emptying itself of its inhabitants and for once you actually feel you might be able to take the rest of the evening off. So you revert to your spotify account and for a moment deliberate with yourself whether you should go for Discover Weekly suggestions Continue Reading

Have you ever wondered what truly makes you into who you are? I don’t mean your profession, or the numerous degrees you have accumulated throughout the years… No I refer to the core, the thin red line that has followed you all your life. It’s a question I am not totally unfamiliar with, although if Continue Reading

The days seem as they are fused with each other. The beginning consuming the end, and so the morning debuts once more. The colours a little more vivid than before. A gentle transition. From crimson red velvet to a faded salmon pink. Your eyes are resting on the fabric. Crushed velvet, shifting tones as you Continue Reading

You are in bed pondering on something suitable to watch. WWII has occupied you for far too long, so has the French Revolution and the rise and the fall of the Romanovs. Yet the are chapters you need to revisit. Especially in this phase of your life. You turn to Catherine the Great. She is Continue Reading