The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best. ~ Epictetus However, I am a firm believer that in order to strengthen your fortitude you need to engage with company that seeks to bring you down. Not only will it build your character, but you have Continue Reading

I didn’t make the pizza as everyone was pretty full on desserts yesterday…so thus family cooking is set for today. Again I am sitting here, alone and at peace. I find that I am becoming more and more solitary in my existence. Concepts like love, friendships, respect I don’t seek any longer. My core belief Continue Reading

It’s a month ago I stopped drinking. As usual, I’m pretty crap at keeping a vow. I allow myself now and then a sip of wine, or a glass of Champagne for an evening out. But with those exceptions, alcohol doesn’t touch my lips. I feel better from it actually, even though I was never Continue Reading

My morning didn’t look much different to previous ones…up a quarter past seven, making breakfast and getting Sebastian ready. Getting hubby ready too….whatever that means. At 9 am I had a 10 minute break playing Subway Surf (this will now be substituted by Ruzzle Adventure I heard – note to self to install). I crammed Continue Reading

It’s been a turbulent time – it is perhaps something that has been going on for so long it is time I fully accept and embrace it. It made me contemplate further. I understand conceptually that anger is linked to expectations. And I know it is futile having expectations – in the wider sense. I Continue Reading

There is room for learning….every day…and night…I have cause to believe tonight will be a long one, so all the more reason to start with Epictetus (I’m notoriously bad at reading as I tend to fall asleep to documentaries of various kinds). But let’s change that too, the year is young after all… Wish you Continue Reading

We all take our crap, learn to roll with the punches, fuck up stuff…and make amends…mostly because we get discovered…found out….exposed. It happens to us all, no matter where we stand in the social hierarchy, how clever a scale of measurement tells us we are, or even if we are on the path of enlightenment. Continue Reading

…it is customary to reflect over that which has passed. Was this a good year with hindsight as metric? And what are we really measuring here, financial success, accomplishments, health, happiness, personal development? Before I answer these questions…and at this point I am not entirely sure how to answer them, I have to put them Continue Reading

OK, so I finished 2 out of 3 floors, almost all the laundry but no ironing alas. Still in my PJ’s (yep not a pretty sight right now) I put on various podcasts and documentaries on youtube whilst sweeping those floors. A good work out for body and soul with the result of a clean Continue Reading

I promised myself I would start cleaning yesterday. But alas, that was not the case. Being fatigued coupled with some serious muscle pain from the night before sort of put a stop to that (or actually my own mind did – but let’s not go there). Today is another day and I’m making the most Continue Reading