I have wanted to visit the Duchess at the W hotel in Amsterdam for some time now, but opportunity was never there. So when I met up with V the other day, it was the perfect occasion to try it out. The Duchess certainly didn’t disappoint. With the exception of some stringent time slots, and Continue Reading

Sebastian surprised me yesterday morning with a gorgeous golden cuff. A stunning piece with an inside leather band in dark green. Thank you little man! It’s been a lovely break. happy campers a golden cuff which fitted a dress I received last Christmas perfectly plateau de fruits de mer at le Grill de Perard bear Continue Reading

ML, this Michelin star gem in Haarlem, is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine. Absolutely beautiful compositions, offering both full and half-glass wine arrangements to accompany the dishes, not to mention an elegantly understated venue. For the second weekend I had the fortune to experience their hospitality, this time given my rather restricted diet regime Continue Reading

Sometimes you just need a stiff drink to get rid of whatever headache is bothering you…if only temporarily. A restaurant that does just that (I thoroughly enjoyed a sugar free Mojito) together with a Spartan but covers-it-all, menu with fresh ingredients and the rare knowledge on how to make a decent steak, is de Lange Continue Reading

I dropped in a 2 am sharp having walked the last metres on my bare feet. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep, perhaps it was the oyster (but I doubt that) because I woke up this morning feeling I have come down with a minor flu. Not good. However the evening prior was all Continue Reading

It’s almost weekend and I’m in an excellent mood. I finalised the draft business plan yesterday (although it requires a lot more meat to the bone), today I’m focused on the FracasNoir business plan and scheduling my next trip to Turkey. We are also putting together the Ambassador program and the response has been great. Continue Reading

I had the delight to discover a new restaurant in Haarlem yesterday – Toujours (meaning always). It is certainly an establishment I will return to. With restaurants there are certain criteria that should be fulfilled in my opinion: 1. Great food – and with great food I also mean low carb. Well Toujours delivered on Continue Reading