There is not a lot to feel delighted for in the news, except that the alt-right movement (which don’t forget is just a more polite word for fascism) is facing resistance from all sides of the political spectrum. From Elizabeth Warren to a 15 year old girl who recently stood up against a neo-nazi demonstration. Continue Reading

Yesterday I read an article called “Dance or Die” telling the story of a Palestinian ballet dancer, living in Syria when the war broke out. This was a young kid, who burned for dancing, who under the threat of prosecution and death continued to dance and teach kids ballet in bombed out compounds. I was Continue Reading

Unfortunately flu has struck for the second time in just over a month. This time with a vengeance. Given the abundance of time coupled with the need for taking a horizontal position, I naturally turned to my documentaries. Having gone through most of what is available on WWI, WII, French revolution, Modern Marvels, Inquisition, ISIS Continue Reading