As a result of my quest for peace – and here I’m talking about constant, inner peace – an even mind so to speak, or equanimity, I have made quite some changes to my life. I have described them here before but I shall repeat for those who are perhaps reading this blog for the Continue Reading

I continued with the teachings of Epictetus and then Diogenes the Cynic – the latter providing me with numerous moments of laughter. Whilst listening to various podcasts attempting to gain some self-knowledge through the wisdom of others, I also experimented on that pizza. Now philosophy and pizza may seem like an ill-fitting combination (unless you Continue Reading

I didn’t make the pizza as everyone was pretty full on desserts yesterday…so thus family cooking is set for today. Again I am sitting here, alone and at peace. I find that I am becoming more and more solitary in my existence. Concepts like love, friendships, respect I don’t seek any longer. My core belief Continue Reading

It’s a month ago I stopped drinking. As usual, I’m pretty crap at keeping a vow. I allow myself now and then a sip of wine, or a glass of Champagne for an evening out. But with those exceptions, alcohol doesn’t touch my lips. I feel better from it actually, even though I was never Continue Reading

We all take our crap, learn to roll with the punches, fuck up stuff…and make amends…mostly because we get discovered…found out….exposed. It happens to us all, no matter where we stand in the social hierarchy, how clever a scale of measurement tells us we are, or even if we are on the path of enlightenment. Continue Reading

…it is customary to reflect over that which has passed. Was this a good year with hindsight as metric? And what are we really measuring here, financial success, accomplishments, health, happiness, personal development? Before I answer these questions…and at this point I am not entirely sure how to answer them, I have to put them Continue Reading

I’m still sitting in the Bistro, with Marcus (Aurelius) and myself as only company. He is a constant companion of mine, his thoughts and contemplations being largely responsible for a sort of rational awakening which healed the pain, dampened my anger, saw off my fear. I have my moments…still…but they are luckily less and less Continue Reading

I’m a hypocrite, a liar and a thief. I deserve everything I get, and some more. The more I dissect, slice and dice my circumstances I realise I am entirely responsible for them. And for how I consider them them (terrible of course). Perhaps you recall my musings over trust. If someone would ask if Continue Reading

There are times when one can write, with or without permission, but don’t have much to say, and then there are times when one can’t – or at least ought not to – yet have so much to express. Unfortunately these two types of occasions rarely coincide. So I decide it’s probably better to keep Continue Reading

OK, so I finished 2 out of 3 floors, almost all the laundry but no ironing alas. Still in my PJ’s (yep not a pretty sight right now) I put on various podcasts and documentaries on youtube whilst sweeping those floors. A good work out for body and soul with the result of a clean Continue Reading