I have written endless perfume posts, some venturing into that of the carnal, esoteric and forbidden. Because perfumes are all of those and so much more. A quality fragrance will smell like sun drenched skin, the peculiar scent of ozone, with deep notes of civet, amber and musk. And a good perfume will age with Continue Reading

It’s stifling, even though the sun is hidden from the what appears to be heavy clouds. You sweat on the cross trainer….your first gym session in a week. It’s there, as you trawl through your inbox, whilst opening up skype that Magical Mambo starts to play. It’s a loungy, dreamy and indeed magical number and Continue Reading

You’ve made a new playlist consisting of the best pieces from Penny Dreadful. It was gone from Spotify for close to a year, but it recently resurfaced….to your great delight. It’s the music you consumed unabatedly before you finally moved, not really knowing what was in store. It is hibernation music, and it suits you Continue Reading

I’m still in my PJ’s, barely having managed to cram in a shower. Scandalous. But then I always took to an odor that is slightly poudre. Rotten others would say. Stale sweat and tobacco is my counter reply. Bandit is such a concoction. Few people like it. It is not made to be liked. It Continue Reading

There was a time I was more faithful than a catholic nun to my perfume (note I write this in singular). There was only one – Fracas, which – as those of you who read my blog from time to time may recall, I found in an obscure perfume shop in a back alley of Continue Reading

You are walking down the isles of Bon Marche in search for a pair of shoes. They don’t have what you want and as you have no time to spend on leisure you decide to leave the department store. You walk briskly past the perfume stands until you reach the Chanel one. Although Chanel was Continue Reading

Summer is making a comeback. You thank the weather Gods for this blessing. You had a really good holiday but Sunday undid the accomplished unwinding. Ever since, you’ve been chasing sleep like it was a newfangled invention. Yesterday you crashed before 10.30 pm and feeling optimistic you put the alarm clock for 6 am for Continue Reading

Check, check and double check…I got most essentials (what I can think of) but forgot my perfume. So it became Sisley’s Soir de lune…a wonderful classic, midnight wonder. As we are about to take off….ta ta for now :). Sx

…in a new reincarnation. I gave it to Victoria for her birthday. She told me yesterday, Mum I hate the bottle but I love the perfume. Well I am of the old school kind and I love the original, wearing it frequently. But I do love the commercial, watching it like a scenario being created Continue Reading

What is it with the colour red? Even the name scarlet evokes drama and intrigue. Red Light of course brings an all together different connotation. Then there is fire, blood and rubies… I tried to describe it, as I was answering an email of one of my blog readers. Red is an expensive colour (ever Continue Reading