The days seem as they are fused with each other. The beginning consuming the end, and so the morning debuts once more. The colours a little more vivid than before. A gentle transition. From crimson red velvet to a faded salmon pink. Your eyes are resting on the fabric. Crushed velvet, shifting tones as you Continue Reading

…and doing what I do best (according to some ;)….making pitch decks. Sebastian is chilling in front of a cartoon. Life in all it’s mundanity is pretty darn fine 🙂 #HappyWednesday   working to a chilled mix

Two days flashes by like the lights of cars in a fast lane. So rapidly you don’t even register them. Until you finally sit down for some food in a shabby pub on the Arlanda airport and minute details suddenly appears…like the classic “Girl you’ll be a woman soon” streaming through an open window in Continue Reading

You are counting down the minutes. You are terribly late for a flight that is less than an hour away. There is nothing to do….of course you know….just go on auto-pilot and you’ll make it to the gate. It is Schiphol after all, the distances vast at times, but logical. You run, and run….thankfully you Continue Reading

There used to be a time, where at the end of the evening I would say to myself “ah well, tomorrow is another day”. It seemed appropriate after a day that started off in good spirits but perhaps lacked in places. Of course eventually there was no good or bad and the roller coaster became Continue Reading