Touch me I am losing shape Look I am invisible Can you say my name If there’s a perfect sky that we came from We’ll be like stars forever shining on Catch me I am almost there How can I be near I am high speed I am everywhere I couldn’t catch your smile You Continue Reading

I opened my laptop as soon as the alarm started its usual wine. In fact it was half closed after falling asleep to a documentary on the Zodiac. Trawling through the news was an uneventful affair. As a swede I was yet again reminded of the fake news Trump is spreading about the so called Continue Reading

The days seem as they are fused with each other. The beginning consuming the end, and so the morning debuts once more. The colours a little more vivid than before. A gentle transition. From crimson red velvet to a faded salmon pink. Your eyes are resting on the fabric. Crushed velvet, shifting tones as you Continue Reading

You are in hibernation mode. An early autumn, yet temperatures are soaring. The cause? There are few suspects, but perhaps not the usual one. Yet, it is what it is…tomorrow is another day. Does it bother you? Well apart from intense headache, not that much. You turn to your classical playlist. You watch Penny Dreadful Continue Reading

I find myself starving for food as I walk back to the train station. Forget cooking dinner tonight. I grab a Turkish pizza and read an article on the mass desertion of republicans, distancing themselves from the Trump camp. I can’t help but feeling an ounce of joy. The man is not only unfit to Continue Reading

…and doing what I do best (according to some ;)….making pitch decks. Sebastian is chilling in front of a cartoon. Life in all it’s mundanity is pretty darn fine 🙂 #HappyWednesday   working to a chilled mix

Amado mio Love me forever And let forever begin tonight Amado mio When we’re together I’m in a dream world Of sweet delight Many times I’ve whispered Amado mio It was just a phrase That I heard in plays I was acting a part But now when I whisper Amado mio Can’t you tell I Continue Reading

…..sure I’m decent 😉 When they had the earthquake in San Francisco Back in nineteen-six They said that Mother Nature Was up to her old tricks That’s the story that went around But here’s the real low-down Put the blame on Mame, boys Put the blame on Mame One night she started to shim and Continue Reading

MATH SUCKS it exclaims in bold letters. ..I nicked it from my daughter when I was selling our last house. As I was packing up, I discovered this sweater in soft mesh wool. I wasn’t too keen on the print, but it served a purpose….keeping me warm and comfy. No one would see me in Continue Reading

…and mon Dieu is it good to be back. Last weeks I have been camping out from my own living room (and in some cases in bed) so a change in environment is doing me exceptionally well. Tomorrow is set for the Hague. Exciting week is ahead. In the meantime we are gearing up the Continue Reading