Some words resonate deeply with me, depending on time and mood….nocturnal, olfactory, butterflies, beloved, annihilation. One that figures probably more than others is bittersweet. A word that conjures up pain that is suppressed yet somehow dealt with, goodbye’s that really shouldn’t be, or those separations that are good for the soul but not for the Continue Reading

Lately I have received unexpected approval of a perfume I started to wear again. Strangers, a friendly shopkeeper, a colleague, my husband have all remarked on its properties…different to all. Well the perfume has, as always, a story to tell – both personally and to the world. I found it some years back in a Continue Reading

Sebastian had a splendid birthday feast – in fact we all did! With a huge Lego castle as the pièce de résistance and a pirate cake that was up for grabs, this little birthday man lacked for nothing. A few pictures below from a memorable evening. Thank you Rebecca and Iveta for joining us, and Continue Reading

I had such a sweet Valentines! Thank you Hubby!! Totally improvised with some nice surprises. Shopping (make-up supply got stocked up), wine, a casual but fun loving dinner at Pizza Revolution in Overveen (do try the pumpkin Mezzaluna – the best ravioli I’ve had in a long time) and upon coming home a bunch of Continue Reading

I was just stunned by the most beautiful thing I have heard in a long while (if ever). And it came from my 4 year old son Sebastian. Tonight as I was putting him to bed, Sebastian asked me why I seemed so sad. I told him about my mum that she is no longer Continue Reading

There used to be a time when I felt alone, sad and abandoned, I would read a poem by Pablo Neruda called “If you forget me…” It would give me solace that one day, one hour, one moment…I would rise, like the phoenix just consumed by flames, spread my wings, my back straight and my Continue Reading

There was a slight chill in the air she noticed, as she stepped out in the star bestowed garden. She felt the fresh grass between her toes, digging them deeper into the ground until she hit fresh, cold, moist earth. She lit a cigaret that she pulled out of a silver cigarette case. The embers Continue Reading

I’m laying my head to rest flat against the bed. Staring up into the ceiling. Tracing the cracks and stains that comes from years of wear. I admire her. My house, that has stood for over a century. Proud yet unpretentious. As this random notion comes and goes, my shining silver mac (it carries a Continue Reading

…of my beloved and beautiful mum, whom I missed every day for the past 17 years. My love and longing for you never diminishes. It only grows stronger. Sorry I couldn’t be at your grave today. But you live within my heart. I love you…..always. Your daughter x Pia Waldau The Waldau family grave in Continue Reading