It’s been a lovely weekend – relaxing and family oriented. Victoria joined for both lunch and dinner, and as I am trawling through the weekend in pictures I find this shot. With animal ears and glasses!! Perhaps I should change to a new frame (I only wear my glasses in the evening). new spectacles?

The days seem to trail although they are getting shorter. So when Friday evening comes the only option seems to be a takeaway and Netflix. It lasts you into the wee hours when you realise you ought to go to sleep. So you do, to a documentary about the medical condition of Abraham Lincoln. You Continue Reading

Whether by nature or circumstances, I am a pragmatist and utilitarian through and through. There are probably a lot better examples of this than I will list here, but take for example my propensity for watching documentaries whilst doing any menial task. Or working whilst getting a haircut or pedicure. I do my concalls during Continue Reading

It’s back-to-school, and as every other parent, I am getting used to the new schedule. Fitting in new appointments, rearranging others and finding routine to an otherwise hectic autumn. Swimming lessons have reverted back to Wednesdays and with that Mexican dinners with the Brady Bunch. It’s a welcome break to the week, which usually comprises Continue Reading

As of recent I wake up earlier than normal. Not because something is brooding, but as it seems my bio rhythm has changed without rhyme or reason. Where I could easily sleep into past ten on a weekend, I wake up at quarter past eight invariably. My weekends are much the same though as in Continue Reading

Yesterday, as I had finished the grocery shopping for the week to come, it really hit home how much I missed Cecile. All those moments, which with their significance had lodged into memory. Good and bad…although Cecile always had a tendency of turning the latter into the former. Dogs have that rare gift I suppose Continue Reading

I came home last night from an improvised trip to the amusement park (or more like a fairy tale park) Efteling. It’s one of those places which has something to offer for young and old – in fact every age. The fairy rides, the village based on children stories such as Snow White and Little Continue Reading

It’s been somewhat of an outlier week, which saw me drinking far too much coffee and sleeping less than I should (jet lag from last week’s trip to Asia). Well last cup and then off in a moment for an evening planned to be spent in bed with an Indian takeaway and the Infiltrator as Continue Reading

Technically the summer hasn’t come to an end, but with the rainy weather coupled with an intensive work week ahead, it seems only natural to draw the line here. Yet I feel fortunate to have had a long summer, some spent in France, some on the beaches of Zandvoort and others on the Maltese shores. Continue Reading

I arrived back early this morning. Luckily having been upgraded to business class I succumbed to a long sleep after watching Allied with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. Now on to another Netflix serie making the most out of the weekend before work commence on Monday. Allied settling in with a glass of Champagne and Continue Reading