I don’t drop by my Facebook too often (I lay the blame – as everyone else – on being too preoccupied) but this morning a memory popped up that I can’t resist sharing. It’s taken 2 years ago to the day, when Cecile was still part of the family. It was a time of great Continue Reading

I managed to catch an earlier train (which doesn’t happen often) and with that a short stop at the Starbucks. Tuesday everyday luxury 🙂 misspelled name or not, the coffee sure did the trick

Just back from a weekend in the French countryside. A lot of good food, walking and some shopping. Parfait! petit déjeuner at Le château des Ormes a little bit of Paris … …and other sights… …at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage spring was in the air weekend ended with a wonderful dinner at Monsieur Jean

In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move. – Henry Rollins Suddenly it’s there again – Spring. There are of course gentle signs, like the light extending into the evening, waking up to the twitter of birds (or in my case cackling hens from my neighbor). And then, like today, you find a Continue Reading

ML, this Michelin star gem in Haarlem, is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine. Absolutely beautiful compositions, offering both full and half-glass wine arrangements to accompany the dishes, not to mention an elegantly understated venue. For the second weekend I had the fortune to experience their hospitality, this time given my rather restricted diet regime Continue Reading

The days I’d turn into a nocturnal butterfly, are perhaps not over, but far and few between. Yet this weekend has proven to be some kind of abnormality, ending in late night discussions over wine and good food. Some things are perhaps better left unsaid, whilst a picture captures more than a thousand words.

…are you shining just for me? I couldn’t help but wondering if my own dreams would come true this year. They certainly had been suspended for what seemed like an eternity. As I was walking home from the cinema in the drizzle that gently enveloped my own city, the stars were shining with their absence. Continue Reading

The weekends are increasingly looking a lot like the previous ones. Just another shade of grey so to say, or in this case white as it’s snowing profusely outside and I am not in a mood to venture out. Besides, an hour’s workout with Jeremy yesterday, feels like I’ve been in a train crash….albeit a Continue Reading

It’s Saturday morning, deadly quiet with the exception of the occasional bird twitter – yes the original twitter, before the word became synonymous with a tech giant, mass communication by celebrities and terrorist groups alike…and the new POTUS. As most people with a healthy interest in the change of tides in the political landscape, I Continue Reading

…the girl out of Sweden, but not Sweden out of the girl I believe the saying goes. It wasn’t quite my home country, but the Ardennes offers both nature and scenery to satisfy the visual senses. In other words a feast for both eyes and soul. the day is drawing to a close lost in Continue Reading