…it is customary to reflect over that which has passed. Was this a good year with hindsight as metric? And what are we really measuring here, financial success, accomplishments, health, happiness, personal development? Before I answer these questions…and at this point I am not entirely sure how to answer them, I have to put them Continue Reading

I almost forgot I never did post pictures of my new residence. Well it is gorgeous, overlooking a beautiful park and to top it all off it has a fantastic Turkish restaurant a few blocks away (Constantinople – needless to say I ordered Kofte :). So I am settled, house is clean and unpacked, I Continue Reading

I have to admit, I lost the plot. For a brief moment I forgot about the years of contemplations and studies of philosophy and how to live in harmony with myself and the rest on the world no matter the obstacles. Stoicism became in many parts my lifeline. I had books at hand, ready to Continue Reading

I sit at dinner, stabbing my fork into the spaghetti before making a swirl and scooping it up. My gaze is to my right, several cookbooks stacked for all the might the shelf can bare. Sometimes there are no thoughts and sometime they are so many I find it difficult to decipher and categories them. Continue Reading

When I was in my formative years, the only real heroes I had were men. I wrote about it once in Making Love to Emperors. Yes, it is quite peculiar and I’m a curious woman with an eclectic range of interests. This became rather self evident in a conversation the other day, where my humour Continue Reading

I have a passion for stories of the bygone. For the curious and strange. For the beautiful but also for the discarded. My dreams fall somewhere south of the Garonne, in a manor house, with peeling walls, antiques that have seen better days, a library with rare and esoteric books, which is also doubling as Continue Reading

Sundays are arguably the best day for anyone past 35. When you don’t need Friday and Saturday to party your pants off and Sunday for sleeping, but can leisurely awake to classical music, Sebastian is playing Power Rangers downstairs and you have the whole floor to yourself. It creates writers peace which is rare to Continue Reading

The other night, as I was preparing to go to sleep my London friend contacted me for the only reason (I presume) to draw my attention to a site I most likely had not discovered yet – The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. He was quite right – it is something I would absorb myself into. Continue Reading

Why this preoccupation with the dark side? I’ve tried to explain it many times, the oriental carpet, the medial encyclopedias, an inquisitive mind… Fortunately I left it at the theoretical… Thus my fields of interest although vast. stretches from the light to the dark, with a certain attraction for the later. Although I have gone Continue Reading

Some you may have seen the first releases – some of you haven’t. But most probably it didn’t escape you that I had a photo shoot with Giusy last Saturday (more on that here.). I’m extremely honored and humbled to have been asked to take part in her upcoming book. Just want to say, I Continue Reading