After another sleepless night which I spend mostly catching up on the emails I didn’t get around to last weekend, I finally drag myself to the cross trainer with my laptop tucked under the arm. It stands downstairs so the chill is unmistakable. The cold temperatures certainly awakes me, so much that instead of putting Continue Reading

I love waking up in the mornings to an albeit small but tasteful decorated Christmas tree…..all credits to the kids who discovered the best pieces, discarded some and fought over the tree top decorum – Star or Peak. It became a star in the end. Keeping in line with family tradition, we put up the Continue Reading

Yesterday I read an article called “Dance or Die” telling the story of a Palestinian ballet dancer, living in Syria when the war broke out. This was a young kid, who burned for dancing, who under the threat of prosecution and death continued to dance and teach kids ballet in bombed out compounds. I was Continue Reading

Premiere Vision is one of the top Fabric, Trend and Manufacturing sourcing exhibition in the world. Today, I flew from Amsterdam to Paris Orly, and made a long transfer to Charles De Gaulle. I could have fly straight the CDG airport but Orly airport is much cheaper! The exhibition is always stylishly presented for business Continue Reading

Without going into reasons here, it’s been a rather tumultuous period. I am still finding my ways, navigating to safe harbor. There are times I loose myself in what seems an ever ongoing battle – largely with myself. But it’s late, and although I am not tired, I have exactly 8 hours before the alarm will Continue Reading

Received a sad reminder I missed the TEDx Haarlem invitation I had a few days ago. Needless to say, this kidney stone intermezzo had something to do with it. I truly hope to be there the next time, but until then some impressions from the evening and some of my favourite TED talks.

I never gave the thought about being a woman a great deal of attention until I was well into my thirties. In fact any topic like feminism, gender equality, or on the opposite spectrum misogyny and domestic abuse didn’t really feature on my radar. If they did (and if I’m really honest…I could never escape Continue Reading

I’ve been thinking for some time to change a number of poor routines I’ve been left with. With a couple of slips with the alcohol and sugar, I’ve managed to keep myself on this strict regime. Now there are a few last bad habits up for examination (don’t get me started on my insomnia, so Continue Reading

As a result of my quest for peace – and here I’m talking about constant, inner peace – an even mind so to speak, or equanimity, I have made quite some changes to my life. I have described them here before but I shall repeat for those who are perhaps reading this blog for the Continue Reading

Sun is shining, work for the day is scoped out and fireplace is burning at a steady pace. What more could I ask for…nothing. And to top it all off I’m enjoying a cup of coffee and devouring a handful of tender, sweet figs (the local greengrocer sells them to my delight). Yes I am Continue Reading