I love waking up in the mornings to an albeit small but tasteful decorated Christmas tree…..all credits to the kids who discovered the best pieces, discarded some and fought over the tree top decorum – Star or Peak. It became a star in the end. Keeping in line with family tradition, we put up the Continue Reading

What’s cooking? Well for lunch as well as dinner duck! I just took them out of the freezer as part of the Thursday routine, namely cleaning. I had help in our new place and although it’s much easier to keep clean than our previous house, it’s still a lot of work, and not conducive with Continue Reading

With my Monday somewhat re-shuffled and I have what I wished for the last few weeks, a clear schedule. That is absolutely brilliant, so let’s keep it that way. Weekend was a another matter and I cleaned the house in two batches (it’s +300 m2 so quite a job!). For those of you that may Continue Reading

I’m so happy to have finally got some help with the house which was threatening to overflow. My bedroom went from this…

I long for a new renovation project. A grand old house with all the periodic features waiting to be restored to its former glory. It’s an expensive hobby and not one I can afford to exercise on a regular basis. But every so often a new opportunity arises and I hope such will come very Continue Reading

I anticipated the week was going to kill me off…well almost. I’m beyond exhausted, and instead of letting my words flow, I will have to let the pictures tell their story… Victoria got a chaise lounge for her room as an early birthday present.Chaise lounge is from IKEA My colleagues came with a fab present Continue Reading

It’s so tranquil it’s almost erie. Reinout is still asleep, the room covered in a soft white light dulled by the roll curtains. I can hear his quiet breathing next to me, mixed with the creaking sounds of our French doors and the faint noise of an airplane engine miles away. So soft, so peaceful Continue Reading

I woke up this morning way to early. It should be considered a carnal sin for the postman to ring on the door before 9. Just as we decided to continue our beauty sleep the second parcel delivery was at the door. Cute! The whole house was awake and in particular one very annoyed husband. Continue Reading