Blogging hasn’t been the highest of priority, as I unfortunately came down with the seasonal flu. On the upside this gave ample opportunity to dip into movies of the past such as Dangerous Liasons with Glenn Close. A cinematic feast both visually and intellectually, its script still remains unsurpassed in its genre. Such as this Continue Reading

…but in this case perhaps it’s more appropriate to replace Eagle with Falcon, as this is how the island came to be in the possession of the Knights Hospitaller for some 250 years, as after seven years of moving from place to place in Europe, the knights gained fixed quarters in 1530 when Charles I Continue Reading

Some time ago, over dinner, conversations floated towards art and how come I have all these paintings etched in my memory, ready to draw parallels and connections to at any given moment (and sometimes when least expecting it)? The answer was…as always…it’s complicated. Whilst regretfully not having nurtured any artistic inclinations, art has always played Continue Reading

Also known as the day Julius Caesar was assassinated. Tyrant or Genius? The debate continues, but 15th of March remains a day forever associated with treachery. Et tu, Brute? much hasn’t change

At 8.45 pm I find myself in bed after a long working-from-home day. I managed to cram in most activities on my action list and then some. With Victoria’s first working day, I found a starving girl on my doorstep this evening. Welcome to my world honey! And yes it a minor achievement serving up Continue Reading

…perhaps the fact escaped you, but is the 72nd anniversary of the D-Day landing tomorrow. And here in Bayeux there are celebrations on the way. Wartime music is broadcasted on the speakers, people are singing “It’s a long way to Tipperary” at two in the morning, and Omaha beach is filled with wartime jeeps and Continue Reading

…the sharpest and wittiest tongue of Rome, Cicero was an orator par excellence… yet the most admirable do fall from grace and so did Cicero… …according to Appian, Roman Historian “Cicero…was condemned along with his son, his brother, his nephew, and all his connections, supporters, and friends. He was escaping by boat but being unable Continue Reading

And so I finished the 8 hour long documentary on the Romanovs. Having not had the best of days, I needed a break from work so finished the last 30 minutes covering Nicholas II 23 year reign. It is a very well made documentary, one of the better ones I have watched in recent years, Continue Reading

I have discovered an incredibly insightful documentary series on Russian history and the rise and fall of the Romanov dynasty. I’d absolutely recommend it to those history buffs of self merit. Thus sit back and enjoy! The Russian imperial crest in the form of the double-headed eagle https://youtu.be/USUA_1WVM8I *Note 7 more episodes are available on Continue Reading

It’s been a quiet evening, cooking and watching Swedish history documentaries with Sebastian. They are all in Swedish, like many of the Astrid Lindgren based films he loves to watch. Right now we are watching the infinitely fascinating stories about Charles XII of Sweden, a king who started his reign at the tender age of Continue Reading