Victoria picked me up with Thai for lunch. I was still in my dressing gown having worked most morning on my administration and emails that deserved some extra priority. In other words a quiet weekend. The highlight of the day was entering the world of the fit and the beautiful. We had scheduled a joined Continue Reading

The winter is blooming and my favourite lunch at this time of year is hot bowl of soup. The other day, my hands cuddling precious warm bowl, sipping in front of fire place and sometimes together with Netflix while it’s raining outside. I get super relax and feel some kind of wholeness to it. Watercress soup is one of my Continue Reading

Ever since our holiday I vowed to start running again. Unfortunately this week didn’t turn out opportune but when weekend proved sunny and calendar empty, I went for my first urban Haarlem run in a year. 6 km later (with one break – see pic) and I’m still in one piece. Let’s hope this is Continue Reading

I didn’t get to do quite as much work as I intended too, instead I was consumed with Lego building for Sebastian, cooking and catching up with friends. I have to make a better effort tomorrow as I have quite a few things that I want to clear before Monday. Today I attempted a new Continue Reading

As a result of my quest for peace – and here I’m talking about constant, inner peace – an even mind so to speak, or equanimity, I have made quite some changes to my life. I have described them here before but I shall repeat for those who are perhaps reading this blog for the Continue Reading