I escaped the Haarlem just before the weekend for a few days of rest and peace in the area of Maastricht, Valkenburg and surroundings. It’s been a lot of walking, some shopping, sightseeing and exploring great restaurants. A special recommendation goes to Restaurant Le Baroque in Valkenburg. Even if it’s the last thing you do, Continue Reading

After watching another documentary on Pompeii, I got quiet intrigued about the more palatable side of the empire. After all, one would think, they would be connoisseurs of the grandest kind, but after watching a few Roman Cuisine programs, it appears taste has evolved since. One of their absolute must haves was a fermented fish Continue Reading

An improvised day off due to a school strike, provided a good opportunity for baking scones and enjoying a proper family breakfast. As we looking forward to Christmas we even put on some Christmas Carols for getting-the-mood 🙂 getting prepared star shaped scones clotted cream and jam provided the icing of the cake

For lovers of Italian food and wine, I had a pleasant surprise after a dinner seeing off a hectic day. A superb chicken dish in tomato sauce was accompanied by Biscardo Valpolicella Ripasso. “Their medium body and complex flavor profile make these wines a great pairing with a wide range of foods such as grilled Continue Reading

I write this post on a stop between Antwerp and Touquet. Although the weather has been fantastic (especially for Dutch standards), it was a cloudy Haarlem we left behind. Luckily weather prognosis looks splendid for where we are heading. It is a much needed break. Although I forgot my book, I did bring my note Continue Reading

There is not much to write home about except that I am stepping up in my breakfast creations, having mastered a perfect souffle omelette. 3 eggs beat very hard until foamy, a tad of salt and pepper and in a hot pan. Once it starts to harden add some shredded cheese, continue of another minute, Continue Reading

I promise so much on my blog. It’s my way to keep myself under strict supervision. It works…and then not. it all depends on the kind of personality one has. I suppose I rather be an honest liar than a lying hypocrite. Philosophically it doesn’t matter much…after all there is no right or wrong, but Continue Reading

I am not much of a dieter, as I love food. Having said that I started with a low carb diet years ago and stuck with it for most of a decade. Stopping with it wasn’t a conscious decision but in hindsight not a very good one. Not only did I gain some weight but Continue Reading

I promised to keep my food diary here in pursuit of that healthy lifestyle. However keeping to it has proven easier than actually jotting it down. Thus a recap of last days meal plans and fitness regime. Do note, this is not a specifically designed plan, and I eat when I am hungry pretty much, Continue Reading

A little over a month ago I started with a personal trainer. It would be too simple to attribute this sudden spur of fitness to vanity. In fact, having had an injury on my spinal chord years ago, the one thing I need to keep in shape is my body. It’s not as bad as Continue Reading