Admittedly I haven’t seen much of Manila, besides corporate buildings, restaurants and hotels. Nevertheless it has been a good trip (set aside the long haul, which was pretty hard to muster being a die-hard insomniac). After catching up on emails, late breakfast and a gym session, I’m now off to Taipei. view from hotel travelling Continue Reading

I promise so much on my blog. It’s my way to keep myself under strict supervision. It works…and then not. it all depends on the kind of personality one has. I suppose I rather be an honest liar than a lying hypocrite. Philosophically it doesn’t matter much…after all there is no right or wrong, but Continue Reading

I am not much of a dieter, as I love food. Having said that I started with a low carb diet years ago and stuck with it for most of a decade. Stopping with it wasn’t a conscious decision but in hindsight not a very good one. Not only did I gain some weight but Continue Reading

I promised to keep my food diary here in pursuit of that healthy lifestyle. However keeping to it has proven easier than actually jotting it down. Thus a recap of last days meal plans and fitness regime. Do note, this is not a specifically designed plan, and I eat when I am hungry pretty much, Continue Reading

A little over a month ago I started with a personal trainer. It would be too simple to attribute this sudden spur of fitness to vanity. In fact, having had an injury on my spinal chord years ago, the one thing I need to keep in shape is my body. It’s not as bad as Continue Reading

Victoria picked me up with Thai for lunch. I was still in my dressing gown having worked most morning on my administration and emails that deserved some extra priority. In other words a quiet weekend. The highlight of the day was entering the world of the fit and the beautiful. We had scheduled a joined Continue Reading